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FM GROUP INC is a consulting firm offering Architecture, Due-Diligence, Environmental and Wireless Services along with Program Management and Construction Administration all under one roof. 

Design services include:
- Architecture & Engineering
- Interior Design
- Brand Development
- Foodservice Design
- Prototype Design
- Revit Design / 3D Visualization
- Site Visits / Building Condition Assessments & Verification
- ADA Exterior Site Surveys

- Project Management
- Scheduling
- Permitting Assistance
- Construction Administration / Inspections

Architectural Design portfolio includes:
- Restaurants
- Retail
- Hospitality / Hotels
- Office
- Tenant Improvements
- Commercial Development / Site Planning
- Industrial / Specialized Projects

Due-Diligence Experience

DSCN0490 C.jpg

Fort Huachuca at Sierra Vista, AZ  &  Yuma Proving Grounds  |  Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

In 2009, FM GROUP INC was selected perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments of single-family and multi-family residences located on Fort Huachuca and on the Yuma Proving Grounds. Our scope of services included the review of Baseline Assessment Reports and all existing assessments and environmental reports that were commissioned by the Army or any other Federal agency for both military bases. This task also included performing Historical Reviews and Regulatory Records Searches (Federal, state, and local regulatory agency databases), and a PCB evaluation. Our on-site inspections noted any potential contamination from surrounding areas and other potential environment concerns. In addition, we provided Lead-Based Paint, Lead in drinking water, Asbestos and radon testing.


Hohokam Industrial Building  |  Property Condition Assessment

FM GROUP INC was contracted in 2009 to conduct a Property Condition Assessment (BCA) for a vacant 48,700 square foot building with an adjacent +/-6,350 square foot water treatment facility. The previous tenant of the building produced rigid-flex circuits requiring the utilization of hazardous materials in the manufacturing process. With the building now vacant, the owner, RREEF Alternative Investments, wanted to return the building to "AS IS" condition prior to the previous tenant including removal of any systems and components used in connection with the previous business. FM GROUP INC performed a BCA to determine the following existing conditions: site development (paving & drainage), building exterior (structure, roof, mechanical), building interior (interior areas, electrical, plumbing, life safety/fire protection). We also observed if the following systems installed by the previous tenant had been removed: in-floor trench systems; screen room area; epoxy flooring; process piping; above and below ground waste piping associated with manufacturing/production ventilation equipment; dust or vapor exhaust systems; air emissions equipment (scrubbers, control devices, etc.); wastewater treatment plant and associated piping; hazardous waste storage area; underground piping; spill containments systems; traps, filters, cyclones, precipitators, bag filters; plating baths; gas detectors or other process related alarm systems; special fire suppression systems; non-standard building electrical systems or components; kinetic, electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic systems.


Chandler Preparatory Academy  |  Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

In early July of 2009, FM GROUP INC was contracted to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Property Condition Assessment and Asbestos Survey for required Asbestos Management Plan for a 104,000 square foot commercial building. Our research findings resulted in no environmental impairments.


Persis Asset Advisors, LLC (PERSIS)  |  Facility Condition Assessments

FM GROUP INC was contracted by Persis Asset Advisors, LLC for a Facility Condition Assessment of a site that was currently occupied by Kohls Retail store. The facility was approximately 88,408 square feet on a parcel of land 9.33 acres.


Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind  |  Facility Condition Assessments

FM GROUP INC was contracted by Arizona Department of Administration and LSW Engineering to conduct a facility Condition Assessment of four (4) dormitory buildings on the Arizona School for the Deaf and the Blind Tucson campus to assess the current condition and layout and note any visible code deficiencies. These dorms included:

  • Ocotillo Dormitory built approximately 1958
  • Palo Verde Dormitory built approximately 1957
  • Pima Dormitory built approximately 1954
  • Saguaro Dormitory built approximately1961

FM GROUP INC prepared an Assessment Report based upon our observations of the dormitories, and provided recommendations to replace the existing evaporative cooling systems with refrigerant cooling systems.


RREEF Management  |  Construction Oversight & Facility Condition Assessment

FM GROUP INC was contracted by RREEF Management Company to provide facilities management support services for various properties. Projects included:

  • Construction Oversight Services for a phased commercial office complex containing one 3-story building (totaling 130,000 square footage of building space) and associated parking garage located at the northwest corner of Ray Road and the Price Freeway in Chandler.
  • Construction Oversight Services on a phased commercial office/warehouse complex consisting of nine single-story buildings and associated surface parking located at the northeast corner of 40th Street and Cotton Lane in Phoenix.
  • Facility Condition Assessment on an existing commercial property consisting of a single- story, back office facility (totaling 82,245 square footage of building space) and associated surface parking. This property is located at 740 South Roosevelt Street in Tempe.
  • Facility Condition Assessment on an existing commercial property consisting of two single-story, back office facilities (totaling 142,462 square footage of building space) and associated surface parking. These properties are located at 7419 and 7420 South Roosevelt Street in Tempe.
  • ADA Compliance Survey, including a field survey of the exterior and interior of Anchor Centre One, to determine if previously reported deficiencies have been remedied and to identify any other apparent areas of non-compliance with respect to the ADAAG requirements in Phoenix.
  • As-Built drawings for six buildings in the Broadway Industrial Park, Tempe.

First National Bank of Arizona  |  Facility Condition Assessment

FM GROUP INC provided a Facility Condition Assessment for First National Bank of Arizona in conjunction with the purchase of an office building. The building is a 5,600 square foot, two-story facility with standard parking areas and landscaping. The survey included visual inspections of major building components (building site, structural system, roofing, architectural finishes, HVAC systems, fire sprinkler system and plumbing and electrical components). The documentation report included a summary of each item inspected and a statement and an opinion of repair costs. Important issues of this project are appropriately, investigating and reporting the existing conditions of the subject facility, and calling attention to any defective or questionable areas.


DSL Services Company  |  Feasibility Study

FM GROUP INC provided a Feasibility Study for DSL Services Company for the potential purchase of a property including three (3) parcels of land. The subject property is a total of 7.5 acres.

Our activities included:

  • Review of the PAD site’s CCR’s
  • Review City’s PAD Zoning requirements, Design Review Requirements and Plan Review Requirements
  • Confirm the process and schedule for Design Review and Plan Review with the City
  • Review ALTA Survey and Geotechnical Report for the subject property
  • Review of utility availability
  • Preparation of a conceptual site plan

The report included findings from the above activities, and also included proposed a project schedule with an accelerated completion time frame to include a design/build format for the Architect/Contractor Team. This report was used by the Client in a "Go/No Go" decision process for the purchase of the property. FM GROUP INC was later selected to design a data center on this parcel.


James Hotel (Previously Old Towne Hotel)

FM GROUP INC successfully completed limited Due-Diligence activities for the new owners of the James Hotel, located in Scottsdale, Arizona in late 2002. During our Due-Diligence activities, we performed document review, limited environmental testing, site observations, and reporting on the existing facilities’ systems and equipment. In addition, we prepared As-Built drawing for the new Owner.

In 2003, we conducted a second Property Condition Assessment for ARBOR Commercial Mortgage, LLC, and commercial lender for the new owners of the James Hotel. The purpose of this assessment was to observe and document readily visible materials and building system defects, which might significantly affect the value of the Property and determine if conditions exist which may have a significant impact on the continued operation of the facility during the evaluation period. We performed all observations with a Licensed Professional Engineer and a Professional Registered Architect. Our Property Condition Assessment Report included:

  • Evaluations of the current condition of all systems (structural, interior and exterior)
  • Photos identifying the areas of deficiencies
  • Verification of Code Compliance (ADA, Zoning, Fire)
  • Special repair and replacement including the electrical capacity and circuit overload protection of the property, assessment aluminum wiring usage and verification that receptacles are rated to accept aluminum wiring, verification that fire retardant treated plywood was used in the construction of the roof
  • 12-Year Replacement Schedule
  • Cost Estimate for immediate deficiencies

Our assessment was performed without removing or damaging components of the existing building systems.

Bella Vista.jpg

Construction Oversight Bella Vista Condominiums

FM GROUP INC provided construction inspection consulting services for the Bella Vista Condominium Homeowners Association including third-party construction observations during the construction of a condominium building complex comprised of three-story terrace structures, two-story casitas, one-story villa and common pool areas and amenity building. The complex occupies a 20.54-acre parcel. Our activities during construction included conducting progress inspections, photographing/documenting deficiencies of common area elements, conducting final inspections and documenting discrepancies, and preparation of a comprehensive report for each structure as each building was completed.


Bank United - Multiple Locations

FM GROUP INC, working as a consultant for Bank United, was responsible for acquisition and development loan inspections, initial pre-construction inspections and building inspections for the bank’s clients. The inspections included loan document review and verification, site inspections, photo documentation and construction draw verifications. We completed inspections associated with the following development companies and home-builders in the listed subdivisions:

• Avaron – Arrowhead Fairways
• Cameron Custom Home – Thunderbird Ranch
• Cresleigh – Box Crossings
• Del Pueblo – Sierra Ranch Phase I
• Diamond Keys – Desert Ridge, DiaMonte Vista, Neely Ranch I & II, Palm Valley, Patterson Point, Rancho
Cimmarron, Sonora Vista, Stonehenge, Tatum Ranch, Wild Tree
• Ditz Crane – Arrowhead Lakes, Inverness Meadows, Inverness Valley, Moon Valley, Palm Garden, Parkwood
Ranch, Patterson Point, Settlers Point, Sierra Point, Sunset Canyon
• Homes by Dave Brown – Entrada, Entrada North, Higley Road I & II, Windscape
• Maracay – Arrowhead Ranch II, Highland Park, Monterra, Pointe Mountainside, Red Mountain Ranch CCE,
Sonoran Hills, Tatum Ranch
• Rosten – Sweetwater Phase I & II, Wildflower
• Trend Homes – Boulder Mountain, Western Sky

We have also completed inspections associated with the following commercial developments:

• MCW Fifth & Mill LLC – Tempe
• Rockridge Apartments – Tucson